Why FileOptics?

Eliminate Paper Records

FileOptics eliminates the need to print, file and maintain paper records. All records can be stored electronically. FileOptics gives you access to all your records from your desktop thereby reducing processing time frames and saving you even more.


FileOptics lets you configure your record types and metadata to suit your business. You also have full control of user access to your records.


FileOptics FileFlo automates document centric workflows and eliminates manual document processing. With FileFlo you can ensure the right document goes to the right person at the right time.


FileOptics pricing models let you implement the system with minimal cost. A single annual licence fee gives you unlimited record storage and access to the core product suite.

On your network or in the Cloud

FileOptics can be installed in your environment or deployed in the cloud. FileOptics’ cloud solution offers secure and reliable access to your records, anywhere, anytime.