• Reports Capture

    Reports can be automatically captured from any operational or “live” computer system.

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  • Scanning

    The FileCapture module is made up of two parts: FileScan for scanning and FileCommit for manipulating the electronic document once the paper document has been scanned

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  • MS Office & PDF Plugins

    FileOptics MS Office and PDF Plugins allow you to commit documents directly from within the following programs, via an additional tab on the toolbar

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  • Online Forms Designer

    Create web responsive forms in minutes with our easy-to-use form builder

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  • FileView

    FileOptics’ FileView is a web based tool for searching, viewing and downloading documents. Authorised users can access documents anywhere, anytime using a web browser

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  • Workflow

    FileOptics’ workflow module, FileFlo, lets you automate document centric processes and monitor their performance

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About Us

Established in 1989 in Brisbane, Australia, FileOptics International has maintained its focus on providing market leading records management solutions for over 20 years. The FileOptics suite is a ground up, in house developed system designed specifically to assist organisations reduce their reliance on paper records.
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Eliminate Paper Records

Why FileOptics?

FileOptics eliminates the need to print, file and maintain paper records. All records can be stored electronically. FileOptics gives you access to all your records from your desktop thereby reducing processing timeframes and saving you even more.
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Offers 6 benefits


Contact us now to experience the benefits Workflow can deliver:


document centric processes


process performance


document centric processes




process audit trails


customer service


process improvement

Electronic Document Solutions

Is all your information immediately available right across your organisation ?

  • Project Documents
  • Proposals
  • Emails
  • Client files
  • Client forms
  • Letters
  • Invoices
  • Incoming mail
  • Business System Reports
  • Maketing Material
  • Contract
  • Board papers
  • Archived policles & procedures
  • Video file
  • Employee records
  • Infrastructure plan & diagrams
  • Audio file
  • etc

Mobile App

The user-friendly interface of the application makes index- ing process even easier and enables the user to upload the le in to the designated.

FileView Cabinet in 4 steps:

  • 1. Take/Add photo.
  • 2. Edit Photo.
  • 3. Index.
  • 4. Upload.

Besides, user login and password detailes ensure secure access to the system.

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